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Basic Facts About Ward West Virginia

Basic Facts About Ward West Virginia

Ward is located on Kelly’s Creek, 3 miles east of Cedar Grove and about 20 miles east of Charleston, WV.  Ward once consisted of 800 +/- houses.  Language in the lease of the land granting use of it to Valley Camp Coal (previously Kelly’s Creek Colliery)...

The Origin of the Name: Ward, WV

There are two versions of how Ward came to be called Ward.  The first suggests the community was named in honor of Dr. David Ward, a man who owned most of the land that would later become Ward on Kelly’s and Hughes’ Creeks. Dr. Ward bought 3,551 acres of...
The History of the Ward Community Church

The History of the Ward Community Church

By way of introduction I’ll first say Ward came into existence primarily as a result of the coal mining industry in West Virginia.  I’ll give more about the overall history of Ward later. This post is about Ward Community Church. Later topics will...

My Recollection of Ward – By Sally Drake (4)

{This is the final of 4 installments – reprinting this story exactly as it appears in the 2001 Ward Community Reunion Book…} Please click here to see the beginning of this story My mother’s best friend at Ward was Frances Akers.  They lost track of each...
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