Countertop Egg Storage for Quail and Chicken Eggs

Countertop egg storage adds a lot of charm to kitchen decor as well as offering a practical aspect of storing fresh quail or chicken eggs. I often wonder if previous generations of my family stored their eggs this way.

We recently became interested in Coturnix quail and thought we’d try storing the fresh eggs out on the countertop right alongside the chicken eggs purchased at the local farmers market. It required a little bit of research since we’d never kept our eggs anywhere but the refrigerator and it sounded a little dubious to leave them out. Turns out, if you don’t wash them and put them in the refrigerator in the first place, you can try storing them at room temperature once you educate yourself on the limits. It really adds to the farmhouse vibe in the kitchen, too!

Why are eggs stored in the refrigerator?

I learned that storing eggs in the refrigerator became mainstream in the U.S. in the 1970’s when egg washing methods were perfected to combat salmonella. Europeans went about things a different way, and focused on storing them outside of the refrigerator without a washing process. Basically, if the eggs have been washed, it can break down and destroy the protective cuticle and they’ll need to be refrigerated. If they are kept just the way they are found in the nest, they can be stored on the countertop for a period of time. It is wise to explore on your own, and talk to experienced farmers before diving into storing your eggs on the countertop. There are guidelines you’ll want to follow in order to avoid salmonella or consuming spoiled eggs. The illustrations below will help you understand the terminology related to the structure of eggs and how to do the egg float test that can help determine the freshness of eggs.

Incorporating Egg Storage into Kitchen Decor

Using a custom crafted egg storage solution makes a functional way to add character, warmth and charm to your kitchen decor. Choosing a color and style combination that suits your taste makes the most of kitchen space, too. It adds function of having those eggs handy and in reach, maximizing storage space and they’re pretty to look at when you invest in a slight upgrade from the conventional, plain and mass-produced storage options. Get started with countertop egg storage by shopping our collection here!

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