Ward Community Reunion 2010

The Ward Community reunion will take place as usual on the second Saturday of September (the 11th), 2010 at Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park in Summersville, WV . The event is a picnic / cookout  in the public pavillions at the park and you must bring your own food/beverages. Plan to stay as long as you like, people generally begin gathering around 10a-11am and often stay until well into the evening.

Check back soon as I hope to have this post updated with additional details. I am waiting to hear on a few more things about the reunion for this year. Updates will be added to this post.  Also, feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

UPDATE: If you get to the reunion on September 11th, please look for Scott Stephens.  He is taking photos that will be posted here and he has information about plans for this website relating to Ward.  We want to keep the town alive and want to spread the word about this site to those also interested in continuing the tradition of the annual reunions.  For those who can’t make the reunions, this website is a great place to continue to discuss and share (I have a free live chat room here and if there is interest I can schedule weekly or monthly chats about Ward.  Please drop me a comment here on this post or contact me for more information.

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  1. Debbi Hager Williamson

    We are planning on bringing my mother this year. Her name is Zella Hager – maiden name Cox. She is 83 years old and the last of the original Cox family from Ward.

  2. John Gray

    I missed another reunion. Hope to see you all next year if the Low
    Life socialist president don’t compleatly destroy the nation .. JP GRAY

  3. jackie ray cox

    Born in community of Ward (bad bottom) in 1938, I have great memories of growing up there..It’s sad that when you go back for a visit you see virtually nothing..I still could go there and take you to where blackberries grew and I picked them as a child, taking them home and wait for my mother Ethel (nee Hoover) to make a cobbler…I remember playing baseball and having the batters box in front of Hudnalls and being right handed and having to bat left handed to try and win most homers into park
    on opposite side of rr tracks…(can’t remember ever having won it) Of all the nostalgic moments, going to movies on Fri/Sat night and watching serials of Black Whip and others……Sunday morning was also a treat walking up clay hill to attend service…Especially around Christmas time and get a “goody” basket with fruit and hard candy.

  4. Daphene Simmons Richard

    I lived at Ward from 1943-1961. My father was Edward O. Simmons he worked for Valley Camp Coal Company as a Civil Engineer. My husband is also from Ward and he is G. Keith Richard and his mother and father were Gilbert (Gib) and Alma Burton Hicks Richard. We have many fond memories of our years at Ward, and we still go back there about every 6 months or so. There is only about 2 or 3 houses left now. The lastest torn down was Charles and Patsy Hudson Tucker.

  5. June Ann Hall

    Hello, My Grandfather was Harvey Hudson Hamilton Young and Grandmother was Olive Mae Buckley. They were well known in Ward. My Mother was their 13th child. Her name is Lola June Young Hall. My Mother and Father moved to Cleveland Ohio when I was very young, but, what I do remember, it was goodness.

  6. Ike Buckley

    I am the last child of Ernest A and Margaret K (Sizemore) Buckley. I lived in Ward from June 15 1944 until July 17 1962, at which time I joined the United States Air Force and served 30 years and 13 days, retiring at the rank of Chief Master Sergeant. I an a Vietnam veteran. I do have many memories of Ward; the grade school (Upper and Lower Ward) … so many friends and relatives. Most of my family is buried at the Ward Cemetary or the Kanawha Memorial Gardens at Glasgow. I now live in Niceville Florida and have three children, eight grand children and two great grand children.

  7. Joe Tucker

    I was born & raised at Ward. Lived there until marriage in 1960. Parents were George & Sylvia Tucker. My Dad worked mines & ushered at theatre run by Roy & Kat Napier. Have many fond memories of good times there, including playing baseball & batting left handed to try to hit ball in park. Ray Hudnall, Hobo Akers, Jack Landers,& lots more learned to bat left handed. Also had a couple girls play ball with us, namely Ann Winnings & Lulu Landers. Will remember all good times running hills & daming creek in 4 mile hollow to have place to swim.

  8. linda kneebone

    Both my parents lived in ward but my dad I think mostly in mammoth. His name is Huston Lanham, mother Hattie Lanham.My mothers maiden name was McNeely . BARBARA McNeely.My grandpa was the dynamite man for the coal mines, until he was trapped after an explosion.He was left in a wheelchair and paralyzed after that.

  9. Shelia Mitchell Coleman

    With all the great information and shared memories only one comment did not reflect the scheme of this page. John Gray’s comment was totally inappropriate. I also lived in Ward from 1950 to 1959 until my grandfather,George Mitchell passed. I have nothing but fond memories of those precious years and would like to keep it that way.

  10. Joe Tucker

    Someone wanted medical Info for Ward. I know of 3 Drs., Nolan,Hively, & Babcock.
    The company furnished house for them. It was across tracks from park & was 3 or 4 bedrooms & a garage.
    Will tell all I can remember.

  11. Fred Fannin

    The house I was raised in in fivemile from the early fifties till 1968 is the only one still standing, including all of Ward, My parents were Albert and Virginia Fannin, I have MANY wonderful memories living in this coal camp. Proud to be from Ward. Freddie Fannin!


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