Stephens, Kelley & Hart Surnames of Ward, WV

Ward Jr High Commencement 1940Today, I have added photos and records shared by Scott Stephens to the FREE file download box on this site. You will find photos of various Stephens family members with ties to Ward, West Virginia as well as commencement announcements of Ward Jr. High from 1940.  There are documents – for Hart and Stephens surnames.  Plus a headstone image of William Stephens taken at Ward Cemetery.

Over the next few weeks and months I hope to add blog posts with more details about each of the people and places featured in these folders.  It will take some time to get this caught up with the volume of images but going forward from there I hope to create posts as photos come in.  This will make things much more keyword searchable but for now, we’ll have to browse the relevent folders to find what we need.

Be sure to have a look at the Kelley folder.  There is just one document there for Lewis H. Kelley b. 1879 d. 1950  He is an ancestor of Scott Stephens, and a member of the Kelley family whose namesake is Kelley’s Creek.  A well known place to those familiar with Ward.  Obviously, the Kelleys are one of the oldest families in the area.

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  1. suzanne payne

    I enjoy the white oak attic

  2. Glenda Buttrick Shelton

    There were many Buttricks that were born and died in Ward but I do not see the name in the genealogy list of names. Can you tell me why? I am specifically looking for information about Charlotte Earsel Buttrick, daughter of Cecil Otto Buttrick, who was born in Ward on 3/3/1929. Thank you in advance. I have another Buttrick cousin who lives in Dunn WV. The next time I am there, may we pay you a visit?

    • Lisa

      The surname is likely missing because I haven’t finished indexing all the material I have…it is just being put in here as I’m able to work on it. I have a collection of the Ward Reunion books that were published over the years, sharing what I can from those books. I don’t live in West Virginia – my mother and father group up in or near Ward, WV and my grandparents were born there too. I’m simply writing about and sharing what I find as I research my family tree and I’m about to get back to working more on this blog so more content is on the way. You might also want to join the Facebook group “west virginia genealogy”

  3. Arnold Beard

    I went to Ward Jr. High School in the 7th Grade. Remember it well.


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