Roach Cemetery – Hand Drawn Map

Hand drawn map of Butler, Roach, Faust, Cemetery in Shelby County, ALRoach Cemetery – Hand Drawn Map

This is an update to a previous post about Roach Cemetery.  I was talking with my neighbor about my effort to share information about this cemetery and she provided a copy of this map.  She has always enjoyed visiting it as part of a morning exercise routine and has been doing this for over 20 years.

Knowing how much she enjoyed this routine, her friends contacted a descendant of those buried there. The family member provided this hand drawn map, complete with notes about the people buried there.  The map was presented to my neighbor as a birthday present and I’m certain it will be a fantastic gift to any out there researching these families.

Here is a list of the people buried in the cemetery, and additional information about them that is shared on the map (not necessarily present on the grave markers):

  • Ira Boyd Roach b. Feb. 28, 1905 d. June 5, 1906
  • William Butler Pvt. Co. 1, 3 Ret. Ala Inf.
  • Melessia Teague “Aunt Mit” b. 1844 and the sister of Sara Adlede Teague Roach
  • Sarah Adlede Teague Roach b. 1856 married to James Wiley Roach
  • James Wiley Roach b. 1853
  • J. Butler, Martha Roach b. 1832, then a line drawn to another box with the text “Co. K 38 Ala. Inf. Jan. 1832 Sept. 1874 -this seems to be referring to J. Butler but it is written beside John Roach – see the map.
  • John Roach (the name Sanders is written in above his name) married to Nancy Caroline Roach
  • Nancy Caroline Roach b. 1860
  • Jessie N. Roach b. 1866
  • Mattie M. (Roach) Faust b. ? d. April 10, 1898 married to Miles N. Faust and the sister of James Wiley Roach “In Heaven there is one angel more” inscribed on the stone.
  • Miles N. Faust Co. D 30 Ala Inf, M.N. Faust b. Jan 15 1845, d. July 24, 1904 “Uncle Newt”
  • Mary F. Faust “Aunt Fannie” b. Oct 20, 1853 d. July 20, 1932 “Gone but not forgotten” inscribed on stone.
  • William Horton (I believe this is one of the unmarked graves I photgraphed (beside Nancy Caroline Roach)
  • Carpenter (this one is next to Horton above and also unmarked)
  • Beneath Carpenter is Pool, also believed to be one of the unmarked graves, there is a space between this grave and the grave of Jessie. N. Roach
  • Wales Faust b. May 21 (or 27 – it is cutoff), 1901 d. June 28, 1901
  • Holland Faust b. Mar. 3, 1899, d. Mar. 26, 1899
  • (Beneath grave labeled Pool on the map), Velma Faust b. April 8, 1899, d. July 21, 1899
  • Leah Faust b. Aug 8, 1900 d. Jan 1, 1901
  • Alvice Faust b. Nov. 19, 1908, d. Nove 21, 1909

Please refer to my previous post, it contains links to photos of these graves and more information about this cemetery and the associated families.  Please leave comments on this post if you have additional information to share.


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    The hand-drawn map is neater than a lot of early map I’ve seen printed in books. Look at the care with the weather-vane symbol for directions.


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