Five Mile Sunday School Class Near Ward, WV | 1927-1929

Ward Community Church Sunday School, Ward, WV

The above photo is of a Sunday school class gathering at Ward Community Church likely many years after the Sunday School classes at Five Mile stopped meeting.  I have not been able to find a photo of the Sunday School class at Five Mile if one exists.

The Five Mile Sunday School Class was a project sponsored by the Ward Community Church.  It was located at the head of Five Mile, in the section then known as Number 6.  The weekly gatherings took place from 1927 to 1929 and were attended by nearly 100 people each week. The specific location is being researched but this was near Ward, WV community in Kanawha County.

A man named Leck Jones ( I don’t have Leck’s given name, I believe Leck is a nickname) was asked to help organize this effort by a large group of people who lived in sections Number 2, 5, 6 and Dead Man’s Hollow.  Leck took the measure well in hand and was the backbone for the program.  This effort would ultimately serve Ward Community Church well since  many connected with the main congregation at the church after the Sunday School program at Five Mile ended after work became scarce in and around Ward and many families left the area.

Leck Jones traveled every Sunday on foot in all kinds of weather (which is saying a lot since the weather there can be a big challenge in the winter months) from his home which was reportedly quite a distance from Five Mile.  The location isn’t specified except to say he lived in the house that Clifton Elswick would later occupy in the mid 1950’s and that it was a “very long walk”.

Besides Leck Jones there were others named in the success of the program at Five Mile. Ollie Harrison taught a class and served as an assistant to Leck. Cody Bess offered his singing talents to support the gatherings and Ollie Hedrick is another name noted for helping at Five Mile Sunday School.

The full names of the Sunday school teachers were not given in the 1984 Ward CommunityReunion book which is the source for this overview, they are named as follows: the mother of Dallie & Mallie Landers, Mrs. Howard Martin, Mrs. Denver Bess and Mrs. Frank Bailey.  If you know the full given names of these individuals and any other particulars about the little Sunday School at Five Mile please share here in the comments field under this article. Our genealogy enthusiasts will appreciate it.

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  1. Tom Mason, Jr.

    I was born in Ward, WVa. on September 21st, 1939. My Father was Tom Mason, Mother was Phylis Legge, or Legg. I left from Cedar Grove in August, 1945 to live with my Father and his new (2nd) wife, Elizabeth Rose Cradit. Have not been to Ward since that time. As a member of I am collecting information, from the beginning days and am curious about Ward since it doesn’t appear on any maps I have found. Any information you have would be greatfully appreciated.
    I am retired Air Force and US Army civilian now living in Colfax, Placer County, California. As a motorcyclist I make an annual trip to Washington D.C. from Auburn, California with the National Veterans Awarness Ride for the Memorial Day rememberance of the Missing in Action and Prisoners of War, and have thought about visiting Ward on my way home next June.

    Thank-you for any information you can provide about Ward and the Legge (Legg) family.

    Sincerely – Thomas Paxton Mason Jr., MSgt, US Air Force – retired.

  2. Andi Nelson

    The mother of Dallie and Mallie Landers name was Blanche Landers. I know this because Mallie Landers was my grandfather.

  3. Andi Jett Nelson

    Blanche Landers was the mother of Dallie and Mallie Landers. She was my great-grandmother.

    • Lisa

      Andi, thanks for your comments on the post. Glad to have you stop by and share information. I hope to start adding more posts soon – life has just gotten in the way 🙂 I just started a new job that has me traveling a lot over the next several weeks. I plan to use some of the evenings tucked away in the hotels to catch up on writing here. Stay tuned 🙂

  4. elizabeth lou hedrick rhodes

    i am looking for information on my grandparents on my mothers side of family ralph u brown married to maggie byrd, children violet irene brown my mother arbutus brown connard, george brown, married to margret i can’t remember her name before marriage, mckinnely brown, elery brown, i know them but was little when i saw them last my mother is passed and has been dead for 38 years she was born in 1929 she met my dad dave i hedrick at putney and lived there for a year my oldest brother was born there, looking for pictures of family we have traced back on dads side but have nothing on moms side my greatgrandfaughers name was elery brown, i don’t know my greatgandmothers name or name befor marriage, i know my great grandmother on my grandmothers side was rebecca jane osborne, married to bm byrd, just looking for a little history on this side of family as no one in the family brothers and sisters 6 boys and 5 girls, would like to meet or hear from anyone knowing having pictures or living that can give me information on this side of my family thanks for letting me know

  5. dean payne

    I lived in Ward, what was called 4-mile hollow. Lots of memories on this site, thanks,thanks,and thanks.

  6. Bobby Gene Hudnall

    In response to the above letter from Tom Paxton Mason, Jr.:
    I am Bobby Gene Hudnall, I currently live at Rube’s Hollow on Kelly’s Creek, Ward, WV.
    I grew up in Ward from 1931 to 1955, at which time I moved to Cleveland, Ohio to find work as the coal companies were working only 3 days per week. I lived in Ohio until June 12, 1972 and returned to the Ward, WV, area where I currently reside. Ward, WV is located 2 miles east of Cedar Grove, WV and 20 miles east of Charleston, WV. The Ward sign is located in my yard. If I can be of assistance in providing additional information about Ward please feel free to contact me at: 304-595-5232.

  7. John Alan Owens

    My brother Jeff Lewis Owens and our wives recently visited Ward and found our grand parents grave sites, Oakley Ordd and Bessie Balsar Owens. My grand dad was buried in 1949 so I must have been there as I was born in 1946. My father John Paul joined the Navy and lost a leg while serving on the USS Gansevort during WWII. We grew up in Flint MI, visiting WV on a regular basis.

  8. Judy Weber (Brown)

    My grandfather, Albert Brown’s Father was named Ellery Brown and his mother’s
    name was Millie Burns. I have no pictures but I have done some research on this.
    My dad’s name was Everett Brown and McKinley Brown was my fathers uncle.

  9. Michele Ward

    My grandfather was Milford R. Casto. My mother was Goldie May Casto she was born Janurary 30, 1947 in Ward, WV.

  10. Michele Ward

    My grandfather Milford R. Casto was a coal miner in the 40’s and early 50’s in Ward, WV.

  11. Jenn Nuss

    Hi my Grandmother Sybil Raines was one of four sisters that grew up in Ward in 20’s 30’s 40’s fathers name was Charlie Raines anyone have any info please share.

  12. Heather

    My family was born & raised up 5 mile. My Pawpaw Joe Strickland & Mawmaw Janice Strickland (Rucker) from Dutch Ridge. Anyone have any info please share. Thank you


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