Christmas in Ward, WV

Christmas in Ward, West Virginia

I can only imagine what Christmas must have been like at Ward, WV.  I was not there and have only the stories of grandparents, aunts, uncles and people who comment here on this blog  to kindle my imagination. I believe it was a special time.  It was such a close-knit community, I know this because of how many still seek out the reunions and come here to my blog to remember it.

It feels especially close now because so many are struggling in tough economic times, it has to be similar to the experiences some of our kin would have had living in Ward in 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.  All I have is a nice photo, reproduced in one of the Ward Community Reunion Books, contributed by a resident.

My mother talks about her childhood fairly often and tells a story about someone being dressed up like Santa Claus and peeking in the window, scaring her and her brother nearly to death.  Other stories are about all the food and large get-togethers, and angel hair on Christmas trees.

I mentioned angel hair to one of my kids one day and they didn’t have the first idea what I was talking about and they also didn’t know about icicles – geez, I’m not that old and it hasn’t been that long since we put icicles on trees.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure whether they still sell them, anyone know?  I spent about two hours searching for a picture I know I have of my grandparents’ Christmas tree when I was about 7 or 8.  I know it showed a tree with angel hair on it, but I can’t for the life of me find it.  I tried Googling for a picture of it- can you believe it? not one picture???  I know they have it on the tree in the movie A Christmas Story.

Anyway, if you have special memories of Ward, WV or any similar little close-knit communities that are gone now, please share them in the comments or hop on over to the Facebook page and share them there.  I would love to read them and am sure other visitors would like them too!

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  1. Janet Estep

    Yes, there are still icicles. We had them on our tree this year, as a matter of fact, and I just spent about 30 minutes this morning pulling them off our tree. I’m not sure if they still sell angel hair, but I do remember it being on the Christmas trees.

  2. Lisa

    I haven’t seen any icicles in the local Wal-Mart but that’s about the only place I looked for them, and only because I was in the aisle looking for something else. I have so many Christmas decorations that I don’t shop for them much anymore. I have looked for angel hair over the past few years just out of curiosity – never have found that. I have always thought that looked really tough to handle and have no first hand experience. I remember my aunt talking about putting it on my grandmother’s tree for her about 20 years ago 🙂

  3. Mary Alice Heagarty Burgan

    My father was a company doctor at Ward from 1932 to 1938. I was born there (or in the Charleston hospital nearby) in 1935. I have only vague childhood memories of the town, and I wou ld appreciate any information that anyone has to offer–especially about medical care.
    I am writing about my parents now, and I have found a reference to the Ward Christmas tree in my mother’s diary. She was working on making little cards to put on the presents for the children. She also mentions going to a “safety meeting.” Does anyone know what that was?
    I believe that Ward was the setting to the happiest days of my parents’ lives, and I would appreciate any information from anyone who knew them there. John P. and Margaret Heagarty. (The other doc in the town was George Naum). Mary Burgan

  4. Olive Young

    How well I remember angel hair. At one time I believe it had fiberglass in it. They came out with the bubble lights and I remember those as well. My dad, his brothers and my grandfather Harvey Young used to go on the hill sides in Ward and cut down trees for Christmas.

  5. Albert Mounts

    The mounts family lived in Ward from 1953 till 1957. I have many memories of this area as dad was a coal miner for the Coal Company.

  6. Gretchen Clark

    Did you know any Mitchells in Ward West Virginia?

  7. Lois Cremeans

    My grandma and grandpa George and Mabel Craigo lived across from Lucille and Ray Mounts. I remember Albert, Darlene, Gail?, ??

  8. Lois Cremeans

    Also remember Evelyn Mounts and Mr. Persinger and Nancy and Bobby and a German woman who married a Persinger?

  9. Lannie Robinson

    My Mothers family were all from this area, My Grandfather worked for Valley Camp Coal Co.
    Family Name; Daniels, Clayton & Marguerite…

  10. diana l igo seacrist

    i remember the church so well, i started church at giles and the first person i met there was clyde coleman. my sunday school teacher at ward wv. i do beleive i had the last wedding ceremony there on feb. 21st 1970. rev clifford ramsey got a permit to marry me to donald seacrist of east bank wv. barbara hill and mary bauer were our witnesses for the wedding. i loved that nice and great church. oh the memories of goldie buckley, the duffields,the craigos,the goodwins the buckners, the simmons and akers and on and on. i can also remember the tent revivals down in the bottom if we all put them on here, what a book we could have.
    good bye from a fellow WARDIAN LOL!

  11. gwendolyn canadaking

    ..i remember fact we lived in house mom was essie canada and my dad..carnell(cannonball) canada worked in the coal mines there……i remember some of the folks mitchell,red preston,i remember bobby massey he was my brothers best friend…louise clark..william hall..johnny reed..i remember the store..and Mr Pritcherd…baraba and bernard paste…joe sharp… cant remember exactly when we left but i wish i cud go back there just to see where i was born…much love to all my folks who grew up in the hollow….

  12. gwendolyn canadaking

    oh yeah…we lived in Kellys mom just turned 91 yrs last week and doing dad is no longer with us..if theres another reunion..please keep me informed…God Bless to All!!!

  13. Carol Talbert

    I am the daughter of Jasper H. young and Alvalon Tucker Young
    I remember a lot from Ward but I especially
    Remember the Ward Community Church and the
    Treats we got at Christmas. It was a little brown paper sack with fruit candy and nuts.
    Me and my sisters loved this. My dad also wrote a book about his life
    and it is on file in the archives at the State Capitol


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