Butler, Faust, Foust, Roach Cemetery, Shelby County, AL

The Butler, Faust, Roach Family Cemetery is located near our home here in Saginaw, Alabama. One afternoon my daughter and I took the horses out for a little afternoon excursion and found ourselves visiting this cemetery.  I took photos of the stones. Surnames include Butler, Faust, Foust & Roach and Teague (just one stone for this last surname) and most of those buried here appear to have died in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. The photos are available for download by clicking the link I’ve provided here.

This cemetery was indexed in 2004 and a full list of names including all dates found on the tombstones at that time can be found at the USGenWeb Archives.  If you are researching these family lines in Shelby County Alabama and have biographies of any of these people to share I would be happy to post them here along with the information about this cemetery (I’m also happy to include links to your related content). I intend to develop folders by locality and surname as I find them to create a comprehensive resource for both the place where I live and the family lines I’m researching.  Links to other resources will be shared whenever possible.  Please let me know if you have relevant links that should be included here.

In the coming weeks I’ll be taking similar excursions to photograph Shelby County, Alabama cemeteries.  If there is one in particular you would like to see photos of feel free and contact me.  I’ll be glad to move it up on the list.  My own genealogy research is not local so I thought I would find a way to contribute into the system that has remotely helped me research my lines by doing what I can here where I live.  I’ve been absent from my own research for over 10 years and am happy to finally have the opportunity to dig back into it.

These photos are also being shared on my Facebook page, I try to share material in as many locations as possible to make them easy to find.

UPDATE: Today I found marriage records for Shelby County and the page gives a bio of the Reverend Marion Walker Jones. He married Miss Euphamy Josephine Foust, the daughter of Miles G. F0ust and the sister of Reverend W.E. Foust on September 8, 1861. There are photos of  a stone in the above referenced graveyard for Miles N. Foust, presumably this man.  Quoting from the biography I found submitted by Bobby Joe Seales on Rootsweb: “Rev. Jones was a local Methodist Preacher. He first preached on April 14, 1878 at Camp Branch (in Shelby County Alabama) and his last known sermon was preached on August 15, 1909 in North Birmingham (in Jefferson County Alabama). He kept a small 5×7 red-backed book, marked ledger….(read more here)

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Link to a Map to this Cemetery (Roach Cemetery)

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