Gardens Remind Me of My Grandfather

It’s summertime and gardens are in full harvest for quite a few people these days.  We have a small one planted, our first try at it, and it is nothing like the gardens I remember growing up.  My dad always planted a pretty big one but for some reason every time I think about gardens I remember this one particular summer at my grandparents’ home in Cedar Grove, WV.

My grandfather, we called him Pawpaw Kozak, planted a nice big garden one year.  I’m sure he planted others but for whatever reason I have this mental image of one particular time, exploring all the big plants he had growing.  I remember petting the cat, Stinker Pot, and I remember being amazed at all the vegetables that were growing on what seemed like giant plants.  I don’t know how old I was but I must have been pretty young because in my minds’ eye the plants look like something that would give Jack’s beanstalk a run for its money.

Sometimes I’m a little bit impulsive, okay a lot of the time I am impulsive and going around to farmer’s markets buying up fresh vegetables and seeing how few things I planted makes me wish I could run out right now and plant that garden again.

It turns out I can plant another crop. I found this chart today that talks all about succession gardening (I never knew there might be a name for one of my impulses but this time there is).  According to this chart it is too late for most things already but I’m in the South so I’m hoping I can fudge a little bit on those “plant by” dates and have another try.  What about you? Are you gonna plant a round two garden? Or maybe make a first go at it with a few small crops?

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