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I mentioned in my last post I’ve changed jobs.  There’s been a lot of stress with that.  Not really a bad kind of stress (is there really such a thing as good stress?) but just stress from a stuffed schedule, logistical matters, that kind of thing.  I have a 17 year old who’s preparing to go out of town for a band trip and a 12 year old who’s got her band related engagements here locally and I am set to go out of town for a week in April.  Beyond those added features there is the day to day list of chores that often get put off to stack up on weekends and deeply cut into the relaxation opportunities.

This is when I enjoy those “Cat Who” books the most.  So, I’ve plunged into the series from the beginning, yet again, and am just a couple of chapters through the very first book in the series.  I have a lot of work to do, but I’ve been disciplined to make time for unwinding at the end of each day with a little time leading up to Jim and Koko’s first meeting.

I read the book now from a slightly different perspective.  The last couple of times I read it I didn’t know much about the author, hadn’t paid much attention.  Now I know more about the author, that she was older than I first imagined at the publication of the first book in the series, that she had a full out career doing something else before she really got down to business with the series and that it is worthwhile to take note of some of the details in the characters as the series develops for comparison in the later novels.

I’m just wildly curious now about just where this series will be ended, or is it already ended?  You can visit my past post on this topic for more about that. Even with the real mystery surrounding the series, these books are like a favorite, comfortable spot to relax. They really serve a purpose for melting away the stresses of deep concentration and a fully loaded daily schedule in a new routine.

Do you have a favorite author that has the same affect?  Agatha Christie is another of my favorites, more for the familiarity of characters than anything else.  Certainly not modern, and as much as I like her novels, they have a different place than “The Cat Who” books.  I enjoy a lot of more recent authors too but haven’t gone and re-read any of their material as I have with both Lilian and Agatha.  Maybe I will eventually but for now Lilian keeps center stage.  She’ll probably have it until a few months go by and things settle back down a bit.


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