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Lisa Isbell - Founder, Maker and Storyteller at The Gray Shed

Lisa Isbell

Founder, maker and storyteller at The Gray Shed

Jessi Shindlebower

Maker, designer, writer.

The Gray Shed is an online general mercantile, ecommerce store based in Warrior, Alabama.

Founded in 2009 as White Oak Attic, our shop reflects our hobbies and interests. We offer unique, reclaimed home goods and custom designed laser cut and engraved gifts.  If you’re the nostalgic type, you’ll love us! For now, we’re online only but if everything goes as planned we will open a physical location sometime in 2022.

Our home goods are a mix of reclaimed, refreshed, vintage and brand new, custom creations. Based on the old general mercantile concept, if it’s handy for your homestead, you might find it here. We rely on woodworking, CO2 laser cutting and engraving, and a variety of other artistic techniques to breathe new life into things found or as inspiration for our creations. We are fond of craftsman style, farmhouse decor, and the rural, rustic nature of past decades.

We place emphasis on supporting local businesses (like ours!), local and charitable causes, and buying American-made goods and services. Whenever possible, we partner with and cross-promote businesses,  organizations and brands that we love.

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We are nostalgic and this pairs well with the hobby of genealogy. As we explore our own roots, we share what we find here on our blog as well as in community groups we’ve built over the years. You’ll find this discussed on our blog as well as in other featured content.

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Home Goods & Decor

We write about our home goods and home decor products on our blog, as we create and list them, in our store.

If an item already has a story, we share it. If it doesn’t, it will by the time we finish writing about it (even if it’s just explaining how the item came to be)!