Why do little ideas sometimes end up being big trouble?

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simple ideas turn complicated


I seem to have a special talent for having a simple idea turn out to be really complicated when I try to act on it.  Apparently, I’m not the only one – the cow in the picture evidently had the simple idea of exploring life on the other side of the fence.  Look what happened to her, I’m sure the farmer wasn’t too happy when he made this discovery.

For the umpty jillionth time I’ve taken a run at changing the design of my website and as it always does, it has turned complicated.  What should have taken me a few hours has turned into likely a couple of weeks of work as I deal with unexpected issues with some programming.   Things just aren’t going the way I thought they would.

On the bright side, when it’s all in place it should be a lot easier for visitors to find what they came here for and even a few surprises.  Ironically, this picture reminds me of an incident with my horse Sebi.  One time he had a similar idea to the one the cow had, only he was in a stall and his idea was to get outside the stall.  He ended up teetering on the stall door a lot like our girl here in the photo.  I popped in to feed him that afternoon and found him there, balanced on the door, all four feet suspended above the ground.

Now this is a sight most people will go their entire lives and never see.  How the stall door didn’t break off under all that weight seemed an absolute miracle.  I worked for an hour trying to figure out how to get him down.  At first afraid to get close to him thinking he might start squirming around and I’d get a good kick.  But he seemed to sense I was there to help and he and I had been a team for many years by that time.  As I got comfortable with the idea he wasn’t going to clobber me somehow I went through a few exercises of pushing and pulling with absolutely no impact.  I still chuckle when I think of the image of his back feet looking like he was on tippy toe trying to reach the ground.

I finally found a crow bar and pried the hinge off that old door.  The door dropped and he dropped with it, right on my foot.  It took me a good 30 minutes to recover enough to get my bearings and check the damage.  Although the pain was excruciating I finally got up the nerve to remove my shoe and have a look. To my surprise it really didn’t look that bad, in fact it never swelled much but I would hobble around on it for weeks.  I didn’t bother having it x-rayed, not seeing any swelling or broken skin.

That could have ended a lot more tragically given the fact I was at the barn all alone, it wasn’t near a house and it would have been hours before anyone happened along to attend to their own business or came looking for me.  It was one of many little incidents I’d had with Sebi over the years.  Sebi and I seemed to be meant for each other, both of us having many little ideas that just didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to, instead landing us in some kind of predicament.

I wonder if the cow tried to get out of the pasture again after this little incident?  If she’s anything like me, I’m sure she did…


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