A Harmonious Relationship

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I get a huge kick out of the quirky behavior of my dog Lucky and her sidekick Ramses.  Both pets are hard luck stories.  Lucky, came to us many years ago. Found abandoned in the woods, emaciated and suffering from a wicked case of mange.  We thought she had no hope and took her to the vet thinking she would have to be euthanized and that it would be preferable to her dying there in the woods.  The vet said she looked a lot worse than she actually was and that some groceries and medication for the mange would clear things right up.  He was right and we were surprised to find a beautiful tri-color beagle just a few weeks later.  Then, just a few years ago, I picked up Ramses, who we thought was a boy, on the side of Interstate 65 just a few weeks before Christmas.  She was none the worse for wear even though we believe she fell out of a car (she likes to crawl up inside ours sometimes and I’m sure that’s what she’d done before and ended up on the side of the highway).  She acts like she’s been here all her life, and pretty well seems to think she’s in charge – which lead to the name (after an Egyptian Pharaoh) back when we though she was a fellow.  We just wrongly assumed she was a male cat and by the time we found out different, the name was just too well stuck.

Lucky and Ramses are quite a pair.  They eat together and are often seen trotting across the pasture or front lawn together.  In mild weather, they curl up side by side on the welcome mat on the front porch right in front of the door.  These days, when it gets cold or rainy outside, they BOTH go inside Lucky’s doghouse and sleep side by side. Today, I drove up just as it was beginning to rain and found them there and took these photos.

For weeks after we put the doghouse in the yard Lucky would not go in it.  In the coldest weather she wouldn’t set foot inside the doghouse.  I tried everything I could think of to make it cozy but she wouldn’t have any part of it.  I changed bedding options 2 or 3 times and moved it all over the place before giving up.  Then finally one day she just started going in it.  On another day, the cat discovered it made a nice napping spot and the next thing I knew they were both in there together.

Today I finally caught a few photos of them.  They aren’t great because as soon as I get close enough to take the picture they’re both on their feet and coming out to be petted.  Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a look at a harmonious relationship between what are supposed to be mortal enemies.  It’s a sweet image to see them all cozied up together and I’m sure it really helps them stay warm when the temperature drops.  Smart girls!

Lucky is headed to the back of the doghouse, Ramses was headed out to me. She loves to be petted.

Here comes Lucky, she can’t stand for Ramses to get petted and not her.









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