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I started off this year thinking I would be expanding my online store and decided to really delve deep into the topic of shabby chic decor.  My intention was to offer a new post every day and that went well for a little while.  A casual conversation had at a Christmas party this past December about my background in sales ended up leading to a new full time career.

I still intend to write about shabby chic decor, just on a much more limited basis.  I’ll also have to reconfigure many things connected to my online presence to simplify things.  This all started off all in fun and it looks like that’s where it’s headed again, a project all in fun.  Usually those wind up being the best kind anyway don’t they?

This weekend I went out and bought a new bedding set.  It’s the quilted variety and has given our room a nice, vintage feel.  I am fully aware some would find this horrible but something in my personality just enjoys the comfort of the way things used to be, even if I never actually experienced it when it used to be.  An old soul? Who knows? All I can say is this is what I like and our homes should be about what we like, not what someone else likes.

I did notice a lot of choices in this style of bedding so I can’t be the only one shopping for it.  I can’t remember seeing them in such abundance the last time I went shopping for a bedding set but then that was several years ago.  It seems the look of an old fashioned quilt is appealing enough to inspire the major shopping outlets to carry a good selection of them.

So what are you doing this year to further the shabby chic touches around your household?  Is it a new bedding set? Paint? Wallpaper?  Crafts?  There are certainly a lot of possibilities and I can’t wait to see what else we can find.


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