A Different Kind of March Wind

by Feb 27, 2011Ad Libitum1 comment

A different kind of march windIn like a lion and out like a lamb. The old axiom that describes the windy, sometimes stormy entrance of March and it’s often much more calm exit into the warmer months of Springtime. Whether it comes as described in this old saying or not, March represents the change of seasons from Winter to Spring.

For me it represents a different kind of change, a career change. Sometimes the very best opportunities just fall right out of the sky and that’s what happened to me these last few months. A casual conversation at a Christmas party has turned into a new career path.

I’m back in the office full time, 5 days a week but in a much different industry than the one I’ve been in most of my adult life and I’m finding the change to be refreshing. Unfortunately, or maybe not depending on the perspective, it means I’ll have to make some choices. I’ll have to let go of the expanded version of my little online store. I had some big plans for it this year but those will have to be put on hold. On the other hand, it may allow it to take on a more pleasing personality that develops over time. I still have plenty of ideas. It will just take a lot more time to implement them since I don’t plan on working 7 days a week.

With all of these changes it will also mean I’ll have to limit my writing to once a week and that’s if I’m lucky. I’ll just have to see. Anyway, for any who are paying attention I thought I would share what’s going on these days. I expect this website to go back to more of a hobby project for now. Mostly carrying my genealogy posts and discussion about Ward, WV.

Let’s see what happens next.


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