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Birdhouses are excellent shabby chic decor accessories

Birdhouses are perfect for shabby chic decor

Shabby chic decor lends itself to such a variety of accessories and one very easy source is using outdoor elements inside the home.  Statuary crafted for gardens often has the rustic, vintage appearance sought after for the shabby chic theme.

Metal, stone and wood all offer great opportunities for adding texture and interest so a quick trip through any of the local garden sections of home improvement stores should provide a number of opportunities for inexpensive decorator touches.

A flower trellis can be transformed into a headboard or a creative way to display photos.  Decorative terracotta pots and Mexican pottery offer some great options for bold statements and a place to add live greenery.

Birdhouses are a popular way to add a quick bit of interest to the room and if you want to customize there are plenty of opportunities to make your own and use faux paint finish techniques to get the color and texture you like best.

Stop by a few local garden centers and see what you come up with, you might be surprised.

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