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Vintage faucet for shabby chic decor

One very simple way to really give a room that shabby chic decor theme is to add vintage style fixtures.  These days these little touches can be added simply by using hardware found at the local home improvement store.

In refinishing an old piece of furniture the hardware used offers a great opportunity to really dress things up and bring in the vintage feel just by adding hinges, knobs, or drawer pulls that are crafted in the vintage style.  We can also rescue old hardware and clean it up to be used on our new piece of furniture.

The bathroom and kitchen sinks are also great places to add vintage appeal with ornate faucets designed to look like the fixtures found many decades ago.  Thinking bigger, adding a clawfoot tub to the bathroom plan is a great way to bring back a past era, modern plumbing means there’s no need to sacrifice comfort and efficiency for the sake of achieving vintage decor.

Back in the kitchen again we can add chicken wire to cupboard doors for that old farmhouse atmosphere.  Just have a look around the room you intend to redecorate in the shabby chic theme and let your imagination run wild.  Pair this exercise with a trip to local consignment, thrift and hardware stores and you’re sure to come up with some very simple ways to get some stunning shabby chic decor accents.

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