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Shabby chic decor shelf

Perfect for displaying vintage treasure

This is where shabby chic decor is of the most value to collectors of vintage treasures, the use of open shelving. Every vintage trinket has great potential as a decorator piece in this style of decor so even if an item is no longer intended to be used it can still serve very well as a conversation piece.

Open shelving filling a wall or just discreetly occupying a corner of the room is perfect for rounding out the design in two ways. First it’s an opportunity for a bold, room-filling piece if your working with a lot of space. Then it also has the practical virtues of putting all those fabulous estate sale finds out where we can see and use them.

Have family heirlooms, old photos, remnants of grandmas’s china, depression era glassware or other vintage goods? Don’t hide them in the closet! Find a shelf and a place to install it and bring these goodies out into the light. A quick trip to the thrift store might be all you need to find the perfect furniture piece. Add white paint or your favorite color, sand it in places for that well-loved, vintage look and you’re all set.

Barnwood shelf perfect for shabby chic decorOld barnwood, and other aged wood is also a great option for materials and there are companies that make accent pieces from this type of material. Whitewash is a good option for painting this type of wood since it lets the aged wood show through for a classic shabby chic style to the finished product.

Barnwood is terrific not only for shelving but also for use as photo frames. If you end up with a white shelf of the more finished hardwood variety you can add the old photos for display using barnwood frames with paint of your choice to add more color to the room.

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