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tin sign reproduction for shabby chic decor

A new tin sign reproduction looks vintage

At the heart of this website is a love for vintage goods and exploring a lot of hobbies, including genealogy research.  Shabby chic decor is a great fit with these interests since it allows us to bring the end result of these pursuits out where our friends can see them and enjoy them with us.

Blending old, vintage treasures in with our new and sometimes even modern decorating elements is one of the many great advantages of shabby chic decor.  Just explore the many posts here on this topic (link below) and you will see many examples of different tastes in decorating.  Some even have a contemporary touch or two even though the overall look still works well in bringing the look and feel of shabby chic and time gone by.

The best place to find vintage decorating elements is in an online store like the general mercantile here and by happenstance at the local thrift stores and estate sales.  Sometimes finding old, vintage goods that will fit into the theme we want for our room is a little bit of a challenge and by shopping the online environment it is a little bit more convenient since you can see a lot of options in the shabby chic style all gathered up for you and simply pick the color scheme or decorating theme that works best.

Sometimes we just can’t get around having something modern in the room, especially true in the kitchen where gadgets are just a part of life and they just don’t come in a vintage version that we would actually want to use.  Look for simple color schemes and plain styles and avoid the more modern bold color choices.  Chrome and black or dark brown are good choices for kitchen accessories as well as wood finishes.

There’s no better way to warm up a newly remodeled room or a brand new house than by adding our vintage treasures and thrift store architectural finds to a room.  Old windows, doors, furniture pieces, etc. can surprise you when you use them as decorating elements.  Just flip through the posts here and see the many examples.  Vintage is popular and often becomes even more popular in a tight economy when it is difficult to afford new.  Recycling past treasures is not only a great shabby chic decor option but it’s just plain practical and very easy on the budget.

I found a great article that discusses the blending of two decorating styles:

Mix and Match: Shabby Chic CAN work with Contemporary if you follow these tips

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