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Shabby chic decor is often thought of as having white and off white at the core of the color scheme.  While many choose this route it certainly doesn’t have to be this way.  Following design elements mentioned in the posts you find here will create the look you want and many colors can be included.  Pastels, earth tones and tranquil tones work best but sometimes bold splashes of color can even be worked in a little bit here and there as accents.

The most important thing to remember is finding colors that are relaxing and pleasant to us since we’ll be the ones spending the most time here.

I found a great resource for sorting out the color dilemma.  While it isn’t strictly limited to shabby chic decor, the images offered as examples for a few of the color schemes are just perfect for this theme and will likely get the point across very well that we aren’t limited to colorless, washed out tones.

What Hue are You? Match your colors to your personality

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