365 Days of Shabby Chic Decor Resources | Shutter It | 1-19-11

by Jan 19, 2011Shabby Chic Decor0 comments

Shutters as a desing element in shabby chic decorShutters make a great shabby chic decor design element inside the house as well as outside.  In a previous post we talked about using window shutters as a headboard, here we use them in their traditional role, surrounding the window.  In this case we use them inside the room.

They add a bold design statement and can really enhance the shabby chic style when a distressed paint technique is used on them.  They are also an easy way to incorporate the color scheme and could allow us to skip a major task in the room like painting the walls or adding wallpaper.  Since they stand out and can even become the focal point in some cases, they might be all you need to anchor your project.


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