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Shabby chic decor and decoupage are a good combination.  Decoupage is the art of using paper cutouts to decorate another object.  It is a craft that lends itself nicely to creating our own accent pieces that match the look and feel in a decorating theme.

Since it is fairly easy to find old magazines that will offer up numerous images that are the right color and shape, getting a custom creation that is very personal is not such a tall order and can be managed on a pretty small budget.  A trip to a few thrift stores or garage sales can produce many inexpensive objects to use as a base for the project.  Vases, plates, cups, trays, anything can serve as the base for which to glue the paper accents.

Complete instructions (including video) for a decoupage project

Don’t forget, wallpaper or even images printed from the computer can serve as the paper images to use in a project but magazine images work best since the paper is of good quality, the texture is easy to work with and the colors are vibrant and won’t smear.

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