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Floral wallpaper makes an impact in shabby chic decor

A simple design element for shabby chic decor projects is the use of floral patterns.  On a small scale it is easy to incorporate using floral arrangements but we should also include it in more permanent parts of the decorating theme like the wallpaper, bedding or other furnishings.

Bed covers and window treatments are simple places to add floral elements without spending a fortune.  Wallpaper is a bit more involved but also makes a much more bold visual statement.  It is fairly easy to find the old vintage pattern styles these days and when mixed with some modern accessories we can end up with an upscale, elegant feel even though we’re using much more traditional themes.

Shabby chic decor can provide an upscale look

Floral element is present in wall hanging and with fresh flowers

Just because we choose antique or distressed wood furniture pieces, vintage floral patterns, etc. doesn’t mean we end up with a room that looks like a relic of the past.  Shabby chic decor is noted for adding warmth and letting us incorporate our vintage treasures into the room and we can do it with our own design flare – choosing whether we end up with a modern look or traditional.  There really are no limits.

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