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shabby chic decor with wood accessoriesWhat are some simple design basices to remember for shabby chic decor?  There are several and we’ll cover them here in the next couple of weeks in various posts.  One simple tip is to bring in the wood.

The rich tones and textured surfaces of wood are perfect for shabby chic and cottage design themes.  We often find them under distressed paint techniques (or naturally distressed paint owing to the passage of time).

Begin by doing a little planning for the room you want to decorate.  See what pieces of furniture can be replaced with wood pieces.  If furnishings aren’t really an option at the moment consider adding wood accessories, even small carved figurines and bowls.  These give the opportunity to include the paint textures and wood finishes in limited space or in places where budget just won’t allow the addition of large furniture pieces.

Make a few trips to the thrift store, local consignment shops and antique stores for ideas and options.  You will be amazed at the inexpensive options for adding a little wood to the room.

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