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Multi hook rack for shabby chic decor

Shabby chic decor often involves a lot of wood that appears distressed, well loved and aged.  Adding a few utility hooks make this kind of accent not only decorative but also very functional.  When you craft it yourself you can often save quite a few dollars if you’re lucking in finding the pieces.  Otherwise, there are plenty of places these days to purchase ready-made accent pieces like this one.

I found a great little post for making shabby chic hooks, complete instructions and an example for a very cost friendly option and an opportunity to explore your own creativity according to what you find in the local stores suggested in the article.

Make shabby chic hooks

Ideas for what to hang on these hooks? We can add more decorative accents, leave them empty or use them for coats, keys, and key holder shabby chic decorother household items that need to be handy and not stored away where they are inconvenient to reach.

Let your imagination be your guide and of course the color scheme and use of the room you are accessorizing.

Please share your ideas in the comments below or post your photos and links on the Facebook page.

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