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Tea stained fabric for shabby chic decor

Part of shabby chic decor involves creating a vintage feel to the materials used to decorate a room.  Sometimes we can’t lay our hands on the genuine article and we have to create the vintage qualities using new materials.  Tea stained fabric creates a vintage look for decorating projects.  Imperfections, unevenness in the dying just adds to the charm and gives the fabric the appeal of authentic vintage.

I found two good sources of instructions for dying fabric with tea or to mimic the look of tea-stained:

Tea Staining & Dyeing Fabrics

Use tea to age fabrics

The dyed fabric can be used for all sorts of shabby chic decorating projects.  Make pillows, bedding, drapes or small decorative accent pieces.  This is one of those techniques that lends itself well to our creativity and is pretty budget friendly since we can always pick up some fabric on the discount tables of our favorite fabric stores or in local thrift stores and garage sales.

Feel free to post photos of shabby chic decor projects you’ve done on the Facebook page or share your links to them here in the comments section.  I’m sure everyone would love to see them and appreciate the inspiration!

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