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When it comes to bringing in our keepsakes, shabby chic decor is the perfect solution.  Vintage photos were made for display in a shabby chic setting and even if you don’t have any, it’s easy to get them.

A simple solution for a side table or shelf in the room is to display a scrapbook.  Here are complete instructions for making a scrapbook if you don’t already have one. Scrapbooks lend themselves very nicely to customizing with color and our own individual tastes.  We can add themes to the book just like we do to the rooms using artwork and personal artifacts.  Remember, earlier we explored using vintage graphics for shabby chic decor? This is another great use for them, as accents in and on a scrapbook for display in the room.

If you don’t have any family photos yellowed with age, you can always take some of your favorite images into your favorite image editing program and add the sepia photo effect.  That leaves you with a very personal touch of current family photos in the style of old vintage photos.  For more authentic options, visit local antique and thrift stores for the genuine article.  Old family photos often end up in these places and can get you the decorating option even if the people in the photos aren’t your actual blood kin.  Personally, I like adopting discarded relatives.  It makes me sad to see the photos end up cast aside and I like imagining who the people in the photos might have been and how they spent their time.

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