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shabby chic decor slipcover

Use a slipcover to kill two birds with one stone. Update the look of a worn sofa and add the shabby chic decor look that you love at the same time.  Slipcovers can be fitted or very unstructured, in fact, the more unstructured the better since it fits well in the shabby chic personality.  Light linen style fabrics are a good option but a quick trip to the local fabric store can provide plenty of inspiration just by browsing the options.

If you’re not into making your own, plenty of retailers offer slipcovers but the difficulty might come in finding the right style to fit your sofa.  I’ve run into this problem a few times with my sofas.  Some just aren’t constructed in ways that lend themselves to using a store bought cover and the only option then becomes making your own.  The good news is, it really isn’t all that difficult.  Visit your favorite book outlet or fabric store and explore the instructional books offered on the topic.  Many decorating books also feature instructions for making your own.

When it comes to injecting your own color choices and style into the vintage, comfy room you’re trying to create, a slipcover can be just the ticket for a money saving option in getting the right color and style for a big ticket item like the sofa.

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