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Make it look old so it fits into your shabby chic decor

Sometimes it’s tough to find exactly the right accent piece for our shabby chic decor project.  Using painting techniques, we can make something new or slightly used, look old and vintage.  The most popular paint technique is the patina finish as shown in the photo here.

How do you get this look?  Here is a great article with step by step instructions for a similar project: shabby chic decor painting technique

Another popular way of getting that weather beaten, vintage look is crackle paint.  This is an easy one – just drop by your local craft store or home improvement store and visit the paint section.  Most of the time you can find a crackle paint kit or the separate Crackle coat paint finish for shabby chic decorelements for getting this paint finish.  Craft stores are a good bet for small projects but the home improvement store is a better option for big projects or a large quantity if you plan on doing several small projects.

I’ve even used this paint over old calendar images that I mounted on canvas.  I soaked the paper the image was printed on, then mounted it to the canvas while it was still damp so it would take the texture of the canvas.  Letting it dry and then adding the crackle coat gave it the look of a lovely vintage painting.

The best advantage to using these techniques is more flexibility in finding matching color schemes.  Sometimes it is really difficult to find a truly vintage item that fits into the needed color scheme.  A trip to the local thrift store or garage sales will yield lots of inexpensive items to experiment with and you can just pick the colors you want to use.

I would love to have comments, ideas and feedback here on the blog or on my Facebook page. I hope you will take a moment to share 🙂

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