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Use old books as shabby chic decor accents.

I love old, vintage books and they are perfect as shabby chic decor accent pieces.  Just stack them on a side table or place them between Use pages from an old book as a photo matt for shabby chic decortwo vintage style bookends anywhere in the room and they add instant charm from past eras.

If you’re feeling creative here’s an idea for embelishing a photo frame with them.  Sometimes we find old books that are just past use in any sense. The covers are destroyed or just not attractive for display and they have no value to book collectors.  Usually the pages have yellowed nicely with age and this makes them valuable assets for the creative shabby chic decorator.  Now we can just take the pages from the book and use them as an attractive matt around a photo or vintage image we printed out, put it in a vintage looking frame and we’re all set.

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Happy decorating!

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