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Using tin tiles in shabby chic decorI love tin ceiling tiles for shabby chic decor projects.  There are dozens of ways to use them and they come in so many textures and patterns choosing can be a tall order.  Sometimes you can find the vintage variety at sales and other places but you can also go to your local home improvement store and check out the selections there.

I found some terrific project specific ideas for you to check out, they are sure to stimulate your imagination to develop your own projects.

Make a lovely shabby chic coffee table with tin ceiling tiles

List of several project ideas using tin ceiling tiles – all of them perfect for the shabby chic artist

Hope you feel inspired to create something amazing for you home this year.  I know I do, my later posts in this series this year will feature step by step instructions, photos, and videos for my own creations.  I hope you will share links to your project photos on my Facebook page.

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