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by Jan 4, 2011Shabby Chic Decor1 comment

Shabby chic decor painted floor

If you’re serious about the whole shabby chic decor theme then eventually you may want to take a run at painting floors.  Every example I’ve seen is for painting hardwood floors, I am curious if anyone has ripped up carpet and done some creative work on subflooring or something less costly than painting hardwoods.

In addition to the decorating theme, painting the floor offers a much more cost friendly option than refinishing floors since that is Shabby chic decor floor optionsoften a lengthy, somewhat expensive process. Solid colors can certainly be used, but I really like the checkerboard patterns.

Here is a great step by step guide for painting the floor in this pattern from This Old House. Like so many other things in the shabby chic realm, painting floors offers a wide range of possibilities and very inexpensive design options.  Some even use stencils or paint much more elaborate murals on the floors.  There really is no limit.

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