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Vintage images are great for shabby chic decor projects

Easy, easy, shabby chic decor accent piece. Just find your favorite vintage graphics, print them out in the size of your choice and frame them in a wood frame that has a vintage appeal to it.  This is a great way to make very inexpensive finishing touches for a room that is using a particular theme. If you need a bold piece you can go large without busting the bank.

Victorian images are especially useful for a shabby chic theme and there are tons of them out here online, many of them are free and when you’re looking for something in particular you can usually find it for $3 or $4 on Etsy or by searching blogs.  Roses, birds, butterflies and bees are popular and offer opportunities for adding strong color accents without really interrupting the decorating theme.

Framed pieces for easy shabby chic decor

Since there are so many choices, it really is easy to continue whatever theme has been chosen.  This certainly beats the other choice of hours of searching for something that happens to match.

Please feel free to share links to your photos – everyone would love to see your creations.  You can share them in the comments section here or on the Facebook page!

Here are some of my favorite blogs that offer links to vintage graphics – WARNING – you may be here for hours. I spent a couple of hours going from one site to another…

  1. Vintage Feedsacks
  2. Antique Images
  3. Green Paper
  4. Lost Bird Studio

On each of these websites you will find an endless supply of even more links to follow to more vintage goodness.  Which are your favorites?

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