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Distressed wood for an inexpensive shabby chic decor accent piece.

What are the basics of shabby chic decor?  Certain color palettes, textures and themes are common in shabby chic decor. Lets examine them:

Color Palettes: Generally speaking, shabby chic decor involves a light color palette.  You can’t go wrong with pastels, white and off white color choices.  That doesn’t mean dark colors don’t have a place but they will serve as accents rather than the primary color scheme.

Textures: Natural textures are ideal in the shabby chic theme.  Wood floors, wood furniture and particularly distressed wood pieces. The idea is to show well loved pieces as part of the theme.  Wood wears with character, so do other natural materials like tile, stone, etc.

Vintage Goods: Or just recycled items. This style of decor allows for some fantastic budget conscious options and incorporating family heirlooms, even ones that aren’t particularly valuable in terms of dollars & cents.  Follow along in these 365 posts in 2011 and you will see plenty of ideas for re-purposing household items into a shabby chic decorating piece.  When we can’t find just the right vintage treasure, modern goods manufactured to look vintage can accent vintage goods or even stand in for them to finish up a room that’s missing a few final touches.

Versatile & Budget Conscious: One of the best facets of shabby chic decorating is the versatility.  Your imagination is the limit – just follow the basics above and you can work many thrift store and estate sale treasures into a project.  Since we want a well-loved look to furniture pieces and accents, opportunities for saving money are everywhere.  Second hand goods make a great foundation for a shabby chic room.

If we think along this basic framework, finding the perfect materials and pieces to use gets a little easier.  This style of decor allows us to truly inject our personalities and individual preferences.  Look around the house, explore a few neighborhood thrift shops and rummage sales.  Gather up the things you like best and lets add some homey touches to our decor together this year!

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