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shabby chic decor ideas and resouces day oneHappy New Year!  Let’s hope it is a good one.  Over the past several months I’ve been exploring ways to mix my genealogy hobby, love for vintage treasure and girlish ways of crafting and exploring hobbies into one.  I’ve always loved Shabby Chic Decor and have a number of projects and ideas on a lengthy “someday” list.  So, I thought, why not get them off that list and start implementing them.

For 2011 I’ll have a daily post featuring shabby chic decor resources.  This can mean anything from a complete set of instructions for a great project to merely sharing a link or two of something wonderful for those looking to incorporate more of this type of decor into their lives.

Today we start with a great forum for bouncing ideas off each other, asking questions and just making new friends.  It’s called the Shabby Chic Cafe and I just found it.  You can read the forums without being a member but you cannot post unless you register and are approved by the moderators to become a member.  I’m waiting for approval under the username of WhiteOakAttic, let’s hope I pass muster. Look for me there and let’s be buddies (yep, there’s a buddy list).

Perhaps the greatest thing about shabby chic decor is the versatility.  If you come across something pretty that has that certain something compelling you to hold onto it, this style of decor can often lend a creative use for it.  Having a live forum of people to go to for help can be invaluable in coming up with ideas, and getting opinions.  While you’re there, don’t forget to share your great ideas since there is likely someone else out there who can’t wait to hear it.

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