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Photo from www.papatedsplace.com (link inside article)

I have a treasure trove of old photos.  I love them. Whether they are of family and places I’m personally connected to or just very old photos showing a style of life from another time I enjoy them.  Shabby chic decor is a practical way of incorporating them into everyday surroundings and sharing them with my friends.

I don’t have the grandest flare for decorating so the easiest way to get where I’m trying to go is of course to copy so I spend some of my time looking for inspiration.  This sounds simple on the face of it but it usually soaks up hours of time, especially when I’ve got something in particular in mind.

I found a really nice website over the weekend that has some 1920’s Christmas photos (I shared them on Facebook too). They are just random pictures of storefronts, and the insides of people’s homes all decorated for Christmas.  It gave me an idea.  Many of the images at the site offer the option of a high resolution version which means all I’d have to do is download one of those images and print them out, then frame them using antique picture frames or 8×10 frames that have a vintage look to them. This way I can just pick out what I like and have a good time decorating.

I like this option because I can get Christmas theme art for the holidays that keeps that shabby chic decor theme going but doesn’t bust my bank account.  I can switch the images in the frames according to the time of year, just leaving the different images inside the frame.  Solves the getting the right fit for the space problem too – find the right frame and you’re set!

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