My Unknown Kin, Rider or Wills Lines, Kanawha County, WV

by Sep 15, 2010Keenan, Rider, Surnames, West Virginia Genealogy, Wills5 comments

Photo or Sketch of Unknown Rider Wills KeenanPosting a drawing here that just came into my hands (an electronic version that is).  It was owned by my great aunt, Marcelene Rider Keenan, the daughter of Ulrich Rider (aka Honzura “Poppy” Rider) and Lottie Mae Wills.  This man is presumed to be connected on either the Rider or Wills line of the family.  It could also be from the Keenan line, Marcelene’s spouse was Ralph Keenan. Ralph was the son of Arthur Jennings Keenan and Rebecca Elizabeth O’Dell. Marcelene passed away and this photo has no labeling on the back.  Hoping to find a relative who might be able to shed some light on his identity.

Marcelene and her parents resided in and near the Blakely, Pond Gap, Mammoth & Cedar Grove areas of Kanawha County, WV. Ralph’s family is also from the area. This relative was likely from the area as well but only guessing.  Some of the surnames on Lotties line that also offer possibilities are Dearien (of Campbell’s Creek WV), Barker (briefly in Kanawha County), and Butterworth.  I really doubt it will be anything other than Rider, Wills or Keenan.

Any help is welcomed and appreciated.


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