Shabby Chic Decor and Genealogy: They Mix Well

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I like shabby chic decor.  Genealogy is a fun hobby for me. Both of these appeal to my nostalgic nature and combining them allows me to make practical use of both hobbies.  In trying to keep down the clutter that can accumulate and creatively share my findings so that their more interesting to the non-genealogy-addict, I look for ways to bring my genealogy research into the vintage decor around the house.

Shabby chic decor is perfect for this since it makes use of vintage decor and some do-it-yourself recycling opportunities.  I found a great idea for turning photos into an nice piece of decor.  Using old mason jars or any kind of vintage decor that uses a glass container, plus a few carefully selected vintage photos, a little paint and some accents I can make a few accent pieces for around the house.  Complete instructions and photos for assembling this kind of photo treasure are available at a great little blog I found called Bits & Pieces.   Frankly, I’m not exactly wild about the glitter paint used in this particular example but you can easily see how you can spin this idea toward your own taste.

In the example I’ve linked to she uses some old lanterns and you can just as easily buy new ones and make them look old using paint techniques.  I would use white or off white paint, distress it a bit for the shabby chic decor look and feel and then insert my photos, reproduced and appropriately doctored in my favorite graphic editing program first of course, place them inside the glass lantern and poof, there you go.  Easy, quick and appropriate.  A nice display of an old photo, complete with a mix of vintage decor.

Do visit the site where I got this idea and explore – there are a ton of great ideas that mix together several hobbies. Use recycling, vintage decor, shabby chic decor and just plain operating on a tight budget to add a little personality to a home.

Now, the next time your exploring and come upon some old vintage decor you have a practical way to weave your genealogy treasure right on in there for a new piece of decor for your home!


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