Ward Community Reunion 2010

by Aug 14, 2010Ward WV11 comments

Ward West VirginiaThe Ward Community reunion will take place as usual on the second Saturday of September (the 11th), 2010 at Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park in Summersville, WV . The event is a picnic / cookout  in the public pavillions at the park and you must bring your own food/beverages. Plan to stay as long as you like, people generally begin gathering around 10a-11am and often stay until well into the evening.

Check back soon as I hope to have this post updated with additional details. I am waiting to hear on a few more things about the reunion for this year. Updates will be added to this post.  Also, feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

UPDATE: If you get to the reunion on September 11th, please look for Scott Stephens.  He is taking photos that will be posted here and he has information about plans for this website relating to Ward.  We want to keep the town alive and want to spread the word about this site to those also interested in continuing the tradition of the annual reunions.  For those who can’t make the reunions, this website is a great place to continue to discuss and share (I have a free live chat room here and if there is interest I can schedule weekly or monthly chats about Ward.  Please drop me a comment here on this post or contact me for more information.


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