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Online thrift store stocks carnival glass, footed bowl by Imperial c. 1951Carnival glass is a very popular target for collectors.  Not only because it is beautiful but also for its value.  Identifying the pattern and the maker both increase the odds of establishing the value of a piece.  When discovering these treasures at estate sales and other places (like online thrift stores for example) it is sometimes possible to not only add to your collection, but also save a little money.

Antique stores are likely to have the very top dollar price tag on such items since they are likely to be the final stop for pieces before they go to a new owner.  Dealers seek pieces out from estate sales and other sources and then mark them up which is entirely fair given the work involved in finding them and absorbing the overhead involved in making them available for sale.

Online thrift venues offer good selections and also can sometimes mean lower prices. Today such an offering has landed here at White Oak Attic in the form of a beautiful iridescent green bowl by Imperial Glass.

Collecting carnival glass is a hobby that can soon consume a person.  Just having a piece pass through the store here and there I can see how people would be hooked.  This glass is very eye-catching and beautiful. Compared to a lot of today’s offerings they have a uniqueness about them that turns the head.  For me there is also the vintage appeal.  I really love things that have some history behind them, a story that might go with them to add to their character.

Here at the attic, we have one piece of carnival glass currently in stock and expect to have more pieces coming into inventory soon. This footed bowl presented in iridescent green and made by Imperial Glass bears the maker’s mark for Imperial Glass that was introduced in 1951 giving an idea of the age of the piece. It has a lovely raised rose and leaf pattern design. I have not been able to identify the pattern name, if you know it please share by contacting me here at the Attic. Please see the listing for further details.

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Video -Found on eHow, a woman shares her love of Carnival glass, useful for seeing a few examples and getting some idea of the different manufacturers, age and value. The video sometimes takes a few minutes to load (a function of eHow I’ve encountered before). Here is the link to the video if this embedded version doesn’t work:

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