Germany’s Invasion of Poland (part 1)

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Hello again, for my first article I have decided to look at the invasion of Poland. This being the spark that ignited the world into World War 2, I thought it would be the best place to start. So let’s get right into it by going back to September 1, 1939. Germany and the Soviet union signed a treaty known as the  Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Once the invasion began with the Germans invading from the South, East, and West, the Poles retreated from their forward bases of operations, close to the German border, and fell back to better defended lines to the East.  After the Polish defeat at the battle of Bzura, (which I will include in a later article) the Germans gained a tremendous advantage. After their defeat, the Polish forces withdrew to the southeast and prepared for battle at the Romanian bridgehead. There they awaited French and British support.

The Soviets invaded on September 17 of the same year. They invaded a territory known as the Kresy. The Kresy is the outskirts of Polish territory. This Soviet invasion and victory completely rendered the Polish defenseless. Polish officials were now faced with two fronts. This forced them to order an immediate evacuation of Poland to neutral Romania. On October 6, 1939, the Germans and Soviets gained complete control of Poland.  On October 8, 1939, Germans annexed Western Poland along with the city of Danzig. The rest of Poland was placed under control of the General Government. Following the Germans, the Soviets began a campaign of Sovietization of their new areas. They used a series of staged elections  which were used to legitimize the annexation of eastern Poland. After the Invasion, the rest of Europe did not take long to confront Germany in what would soon become World War 2. In my next article I will go into detail on the battle plans and strategies of the invasion.


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