May is For Mother’s Day

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On Being a MomI became a mom in 1994 when my first child, Tyler, was born.  For years, it was hard for me to think of Mother’s Day as something that applied to me.  As I’m getting older, its finally sinking in that I’m a mom but I still mostly think of my own mother on Mother’s Day.

What are the traditions in your family to honor your mother?  Over the years, my younger brother, Darrin, and I would usually get creative and make something for my mom.  Most often a card.  We would also apply this creative streak to other holidays like kids often do.

I remember one year we got exceptionally creative for Valentine’s Day.  We got my dad to take a piece of plywood and cut out the shape of a heart with an arrow going through it.  At the time it seemed like really no big deal to just cut something like that out of wood, since we weren’t the ones who had to do it 🙂 Now I see that took a little doing on my dad’s part since he didn’t have the benefit of a pattern book. We simply drew it freehand on the wood with a pencil.  It actually turned out pretty good and we painted it this very loud, very fluorescent shade of pink trying to pass for red.  Then we painted on some cute message from the two of us.  I think it is still hanging out in a spare room off the garage.  My mom was very surprised.  What we thought she was supposed to do with that I’m not sure but I’ll say this, it was certainly eye-catching!

The best kinds of Mother’s Day presents are the ones made by little hands.  I have several tucked away in a wooden chest where I store many of the things my kid’s have presented me with over the years.  My long range plan is to eventually frame many of them and get them on display all around the house.  They don’t do much good stored away in a box.  It’s hard to stay on top of these kinds of projects in our busy lives and I’ve vowed to make this particular project a priority over the remainder of this year.  The more creative arts type projects like pieces of small pottery and clay masterpieces are already out on desktops, the mantle, side table and so forth.  The flat pieces seem to come in waves when kids are small since those little projects are a regular activity in school, at church and at visits to grandma’s.  I love them all.  Maybe I should just make a special kind of wallpaper with them.

When we’re older and want to do something nice for our parents, a service is a good choice.  Out to dinner, a nice bouquet of flowers and a long family visit is just the ticket.  The greatest reward for mother’s everywhere is to see her children make it safely into adulthood and start the process all over again with a few kids of their own.  Don’t forget about mom this mother’s day.  Call her up, take her out, or just make her a nice card with your handprint inside.  That should make for a good laugh no matter what level of creative talent you have to inject.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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