The Saga of a Thrifting Junky

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I’ve been watching the show about hoarding, making a mental note to be careful I don’t wind up as one of subjects of interest.  I can see how an affinity for thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, rummaging through old attics and barns could lead a person down a path they can’t easily step off of.  So far, I’m still able to apply logic and not go overboard.

Lucky for me, I don’t have the time to spend in stores or shopping the  online thrift options or it might be a different story.  Sometimes I wonder what makes some of us so drawn to stuff, particularly old stuff.  I read an article about a woman who started collecting a particular type of jewelry after finding out the counselor she liked so well as a child was a fairly accomplished jewelry designer.  She searched and searched for items with her unique mark on them and out of the blue sky she happened to tell her little story at an antique show she was visiting one day.  A man overheard her and found her later to tell her he’d seen a piece with the mark she described on eBay.  She found it and bought it, later that same trip she found another piece at that very show bearing the mark of this particular artist.

She was pondering whether we find items or they find us.  You have to wonder when you hear a story like hers.  What would the odds be for something like that?  Searching for 20+ years coming up empty or nearly so and then finding two pieces in the span of a day or two.

Anyway, I think I enjoy older things because they remind me of times I’ve read about in books or heard stories about from family members.  Every now and then the mere glimpse of something that happens to be like something I saw in a family member’s home as a child brings back an instant feeling of warmth and nostalgia taking me right back to the place where I saw it first.  Maybe that’s it, maybe we just want to revisit a place we’ve been before and haven’t seen in a very long time.

If you’re hanging out here, reading this article, you probably know just what I’m talking about.  It’s good to have a kindred spirit 🙂


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