Pastors of Ward Community ChurchThe 1984 Ward Community Reunion Committee shared the following list of pastors of Ward Community Church in their booklet printed to share at the reunion and help fund the event.

T.B. Sheldon 06/23/19 to 08/31/20

M. H. Branham 09/01/20 to 08/31/28

B. H. Kessecker 09/01/28 to 08/31/29

Dr. Ross Culpepper 09/01/29 to 08/31/31

W. C. Strohmeyer 09/01/29 to 08/31/32

Dr. Clyde Hensley 09/01/32 to 08/31/33

Mamie Watley 09/01/33 to 05/01/40

From May to September 1940 the following filled the pulpit as a search for a new pastor took place:

Reverends Sexton, George Willis and Dan Burke

L. G. Clark 09/01/40 to 8/31/46

J. E. “Budd” Legg 09/01/46 to 8/31/50

Marion Mullens 09/01/50 to 8/31/51

Another 4 month stretch with no pastor occurs here.

Clarence B. Morton 01/01/52 to 01/31/54

J. E. “Budd” Legg again serves                  1954-1957

Howard Withrow 1957-1959

Ralph Keenan, Clifford Ramsey, Bill Barker, and Bod Dunford serve for unspecified terms following Reverend Withrow.

The Ward Community Church closed in April of 1970 and was torn down later that fall.


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