It's Time for Lightening Bugs

by Apr 25, 2009Ad Libitum1 comment

time for firefliesIt’s a warm, beautiful day outside and I can’t help but think about lightening bugs, or fireflies as most people refer to them.

I have a nasty little scar between my thumb and forefinger.  Every time I notice it I think of lightening bugs.  When summer comes around I like to sit on the porch and watch the lightening bugs.  When I was a kid, I liked to catch them and put them in a jar so I could enjoy them in my room when it came time to call it a night.

It never occurred to me or my parents to go buy some something or other from a store to keep lightening bugs.  We always used a discarded jar and punched holes in the top with a hammer and screwdriver.  Usually my dad handled the responsibility of the hole punching so we didn’t hurt ourselves.  For one reason or another, I don’t remember why, I decided to get a jar and handle the job myself.  I remember it was daytime so I don’t know my motivation for not waiting for dad.  I just remember my intent, to punch holes in the lid of this jar I found to use for catching lightening bugs.

I got the jar and set it in my lap (I see now that was a stupid thing to do from the outset but what did I know then? I was a kid).  I took the hammer and industriously placed the screwdriver in place.  I kept having trouble with that setup, the jar wouldn’t stay still when I let go of it.  I decided to remedy this problem by abandoning the hammer in favor of holding the jar with one hand and punching at the top of the lid with the other hand wielding the screwdriver.

Yep, that’s when disaster struck.  Of course the screwdriver slipped, missed the jar lid aka target and instead plunged into my hand leaving a really nice puncture wound.  It wasn’t very big, but it was pretty deep and so now I have an ugly, little, scar there to remind me of the foolishness all these years later.

Yes, the scar reminds me I’m impulsive, impatient and a little foolish sometimes but it also makes me think of lightening bugs, summer nights and more carefree times.  It’s time for lightening bugs now.  I see them high in the trees in the evening here.  We’re surrounded by a lot of big trees so there is quite a show.  Not quite time for them to come low to the ground just yet but it will be soon and this time they don’t have to worry.  I don’t do the jar captures so much these days. Not sure I did much jar capturing after my little accident 🙂

Be assured many other kids will be on the hunt though, catching as many as they can and watching them light their rooms when they should be getting off to sleep.  There really isn’t anything like a lightening bug.  A little bug.  A reminder of warm summer nights, happy childhoods and pulling the wool over mom and dad’s eyes every now and then.

The lightening bugs have a way of leaving a lasting impression don’t they?


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